Does Acupuncture Work?Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture– is a therapeutic technique that involves inserting sterile fine needles into certain points on the body, encouraging the healing process and relieving pain. It is based on the points established along meridians (energy channels).

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Electroacupuncture: is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to pass a pulsated current through the tissues to promote healing and/or reduce pain.  The current acts as a peripheral nerve stimulator for inhibited/weak muscles. It can increase the muscles activation/engagement and decrease pain.

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Dry needling (DN) or Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)– this is a Western approach to acupuncture. In this technique thin needles are used to directly stimulate and release knots and trigger points in muscles. 

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Fascial needling –The technique is different than traditional acupuncture as the needles are inserted horizontally and more superficially. The technique targets the subcutaneous (below the skin) layer of tissue to stimulate change in connective tissues, Functional Fascia Therapeutics.

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