Telehealth Appointments

One of the newest services at the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic is our Telehealth Appointments.  These appointments consist of a secure video session conducted in your home, office or wherever you find best for you.

Call the clinic at 416–925–4687 or click here to book online for a Telehealth appointment.

Who benefits from Telehealth:

Too Busy for Therapy:  We know that crazy busy schedules get in the way of coming in for treatment.  You can free up some time by not needing to commute to the clinic by booking a Telehealth consult.

Computer Use makes you sore:  If you need help with your ergonomics this appointment can allow us to see your computer set-up and assist you in making effective and often inexpensive changes that reduce pain and strain.

Hurt too much to travel: If your pain is too acute to come into the clinic we can provide you advice on early management strategies.  Do you apply ice or heat.  Should you exercise, rest or seek more medical advice. We find Telehealth ideal for helping to direct the early stages of your program

Need to review your exercises or ready for more of a challenge? Telehealth is a great medium that lets us see your technique and allows us to guide you on progressions or alterations to your exercises?

Not in Toronto or downtown Toronto is too hard to get to? We can help you when you are up at your cottage or if someone needs our services but does not live in Toronto.  Our Physiotherapists can work with you anywhere in Ontario.  Our kinesiologist can work with you anywhere in Canada and our Pilates/Yoga instructor is able to work with you anywhere in the world.

Need someone to guide you on a task? If activities around the home are causing pain, Telehealth allows us to watch your technique and help you make changes that can be implemented immediately.

Another great resource for this is our “how to do almost anything without getting hurt” page.  On this page there are links to many resources on how to do common everyday activities without getting hurt.

Who does Telehealth

Our physiotherapists, kinesiologists and exercise professionals are all very experienced in Telehealth treatment.  Click on the links below to book an appointment

Maureen Dwight PT, B.Sc. PT

Maureen Dwight PT, B.Sc. PT

Registered Physiotherapist, Clinical Musculoskeletal Specialist, Advanced Spine Practitioner ISAEC, Clinic Director

Maureen Dwight Bio Page

Taylor Sipos, physiotherapist

Taylor Sipos

Registered Physiotherapist, MPT, BKin,

Taylor Sipos Bio Page

Tiffany Shi, physiotherapist

Tiffany Shi

Registered Physiotherapist, MSc.PT, BSc

Tiffany Shi Bio Page

Aniela Amio, physiotherapist

Aniela Amio

Pilates, Yoga & Movement teacher, Certified Reiki Practitioner level 2

Aniela Amio Bio Page

John Gray, physiotherapist

John Gray

Registered Kinesiologist RKin, MSc, CSCS

John Gray Bio Page

Call the clinic at 416–925–4687 or click here to book online for a Telehealth appointment. 

We recommend Telehealth Treatment for:

1. Acute injury management.

Telehealth can be very helpful to have your questions on how to take care of your self managed. Set up an appointment if you need to know whether to:

  • rest or exercise,
  • heat or ice
  • see your physician or have imaging.

2. Ergonomic set-up.

Many of us are working from home with marginal ergonomic set-ups. With Telehealth we can see your set-up and advise you on cost-effective solutions that prevent or correct pain.

3. Exercise and posture.

Telehealth lets us update your exercise and posture correction programs. Once you are on a program this service can be very helpful to limit how often you need to come into the clinic. Even when we are traveling after COVID, the convenience of doing this in your own home can help you to stay motivated and consistent.