Pilates and Yoga

Aniela Amio

Pilates, Yoga & Movement teacher, Certified Reiki Practitioner level 2

Aniela completed her yoga certification at The Yoga Sanctuary in 2011, adding courses in meditation, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga shortly after.  She then went on to become certified in Mat Pilates with Body Harmonics in 2013, Reformer Pilates with The Mindful Movement Centre and Leslie Parker. She is currently working towards her Comprehensive Pilates Diploma with Body Harmonics (2019) with a special focus on spinal health and injury recovery, as well as pre and post-natal care.

Aniela  empowers people of all ages and abilities by teaching them how to move and care for their own bodies.  She hopes her students find joy, safety and strength in their sessions which translates into better quality and functional movement in their daily lives.  She is interested in and continues to expand her studies with workshops on the mind body connection, chronic pain, scoliosis, fascia, pre and postnatal health and recovery as well as working with the aging population. Aniela has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, dancers, chronic pain suffers and those recovering from spinal injuries and surgeries.

Aniela is excited to collaborate and learn from the team at The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic to further her education.  She looks forward to being an integral part of your recovery and journey to health and vitality. To arrange an appointment please call 416–925–4687 or email: aamio@orthophysio.com

Recently she has added the following courses and certifications to her education.

  • Movement and Exercise for Pregnancy
  • Post-Natal Reconditioning and Diastasis Recti Repair
  • Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor
  • Strength, Balance and Fall Prevention for Seniors
  • Handedness and Scoliosis
  • Kinesiology of Pilates

She is currently completing her Pilates Level 3: CCSB Cadillac Chair Springboard and Barrels which requires 275 hours of training.

When Aniela isn’t teaching or taking courses you can find her in the park with her dog, travelling, or in a plant store deciding which plant baby to add to her home.

Emily Hisey-Bowden

Pilates, BoneFit Instructor -Physiotherapy Assistant

Emily Hisey-Bowden: Pilates, BoneFit Instructor, Physiotherapy AssistantAs a lifelong athlete Emily has a passion for understanding longevity and functionality in movement at all ages, with an intense focus on that intriguing intersection between strength-based training modalities and Restorative movement.

After working in sedentary desk jobs for several years, Emily returned to her true interest; to know more about movement and our bodies by completing her Mat Pilates teacher training with Leslie Parker at Mindful Movement Centre, Restorative Pilates certification with Evelyn Charters, and the BoneFit training program through Osteoporosis Canada.

Emily has continued to learn and layer elements into her teaching practice through the Reformer certification program at Mindful Movement Centre, and now through her work as a Physiotherapy Assistant and Pilates/BoneFit Instructor here at The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic.

Weaving together her many years of soccer training and experience in other high energy competitive sports with her Pilates and Bonefit training, Emily builds programs that ensure safe and effective movement and strengthening for people of all ages and movement backgrounds.

Emily’s sessions are all about finding and helping you with your challenges, so that you leave your session feeling strong, tall and with a big smile on your face! She looks forward to helping you to connect with and feel better in your body and have fun doing it.

To book an appointment  please call 416–925–4687.