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New video series on how to do almost anything without getting hurt

Many of us have started doing activities that we have not done for awhile.  COVID and the pandemic have resulted in many of us taking on cleaning of our houses – out of necessity or just from boredom.  Seasonally we take on new activities such as gardening, snow shoveling or even cooking more.

To help you stay healthy, our team has put together a series of Tips, Tricks and Video’s to show you the best way to do many activities without getting hurt. Learn how to vacuum, garden, do stairs, get off the floor, cook, etc., all without hurting yourself. 

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How not to get hurt from common everyday activities

Many people get hurt doing the simple things in life.  Sitting, standing, lifting, stairs, are often common activities that cause pain.  Over the next while we will be adding more videos on how to do a whole variety of activities in a safe and pain free manner.

Getting Up off the Floor

Yes people often hurt their back when getting off the floor.  John Gray, Reg. Kinesiologist, shows you the right way to get off the floor if you have a back problem.

Doing the Stairs – Climb stairs without hurting your back

Looking to add stairs to your fitness routine.  Be careful if you haven’t done a lot of these in a very long time.  Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you how to activate the right muscles to reduce knee, hip and knee pain.

How not to get hurt gardening

Gardening is a great recreation.  It is both physical and emotionally fulfilling.  However, it is also an activity where people frequently get hurt.  These blogs and videos will help you to plan your gardening activities so you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your injury risk.  They include tips for finding the right tools for the job as well as how to do a variety of tasks in the most pain free way.

How to Garden without Back Pain – Lifting bags of soil

Many of you know that I love to garden. Not only does it unleash my artistic side, it also means I can avoid my workouts for a few days.

Gardening without back pain

I’m an avid gardener. With extensive gardens at my cottage, having the right tools for the job is how I can manage all my gardening without back pain.

How to find Garden Tools that won’t hurt your back

In garden season having the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job done quickly and without pain.

Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you the ergonomics of how to choose garden tools that get the job done.

How not to get hurt with your home activities

Cooking, cleaning and do it yourself projects can cause pain.  These videos and blogs will help you to do the most common activities around the house in the most pain free way.

In The Kitchen

How not to get neck spasms in the kitchen

Simple tasks like sorting blueberries, de-seeding a pomegranate or cutting onions can cause neck pain.  Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you the tips and tricks for saving your neck in the kitchen.

Avoiding Turkey-Back

Watch how to put that roast, turkey, chicken or big pot of stew in and out of the oven without hurting your back.

For more, read our blog article on Avoiding Turkey-Back.


Vacuuming without hurting yourself

Bending, stretching, reaching, lifting, you do it all when you vacuum.

Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you how to activate the right muscles, as well as the right technique to keep injuries to a minimum and make vacuuming a little less of the chore it is.

Laundry’s A Pain In The Back?

This post by the interior design and décor website Houzz is a great guide on how to make laundry day better.

Seasonal Activities

The problem with Seasonal activities is that it’s just that – they are Seasonal or intermittent. We haven’t done them for awhile and then all of a sudden we have to shovel snow or put the 25 lb. turkey in the oven. These intermittent activities can result in our body not being ready for the demand.

Find out some of the most common seasonal activities that cause people pain and how to avoid it.

In Search Of The Perfect Back Pack

Not all back packs are created equal. I once borrowed a friend’s pack when I went to Costa Rica and it worked so well it felt like I wasn’t carrying anything.

How To Shovel Snow Without Injuring Your Back

Winter can be a tough season for back pain sufferers. Follow our approach to shovel snow safely without injuring your back!

Good Winter Boots Are Like Good Snow Tires – But Choose Wisely

Want to avoid falling this winter – Choose your boots as carefully as you choose your snow tires

Ergonomics and Technology

Is Your Smart Phone Hazardous to Your Health?

Our digital technology helps us to get things done and to stay in touch however it also takes a toll on our physical health.

Coming Soon!

  • Rake your leaves 
  • Sweep your deck or sidewalk
  • How to lift with your legs and not your back

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