Ask a Therapist

Our patients and community have asked some great questions about both our articles and about what we do as a therapist clinic. We’ve gathered some of them and presented the answers on this page.

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Ask A Therapist A Question

Q: Five weeks ago I started suffering severe pain in my upper left back which spread across and down left arm. Spoke with my doctor twice and was advised to take Tylenol. It now comes and goes. I have tried heat, cold, stretches. Thank you. I am 71 and otherwise in excellent health.

Q: I am 85 and I had 3 falls the latest in Dec. since the last fall I developed severe pain in my lower back and it really hurts when I sit or reach out with my arms and when I lean back my head to gargle. I do not hurt anywhere else and I am in good physical condition for my age because of ongoing exercises and Pilates and Yoga. I use a tens machine for treatment at the accupuncture points with heat and it helps, but it comes back. I know our mattress is old so we ordered a new Sealy Gilliam medium firm pillow top, memory foam with gel, along with a new medium pillow. When the pain in unbearable I take Advil every 4/5 hours, but I am not used to taking any type of medicine so it is starting to hurt my stomach. I had an XRay of my complete back taken and I am waiting for the results. Do you have any suggestions for me while I wait for these results? it would be greatly appreciated. I believe I would need a Kinesiologist.