TeleHealth and Video Conferencing

Virtual and Remote Therapy Sessions

Self-care is more important than ever in these stressful times. We don’t want you to lose the progress you’ve made or get back into pain because of a change in routine. This is why  The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic is now offering virtual and remote therapy sessions.

This new service will allow us to see you in the comfort of your own home, not only now but also in the future!

Watch Maureen Dwight RPT, Clinic Director explain how TeleHealth works: 

What services can we provide?

We can help you manage your pain, watch you exercise and check out your ergonomic set-up for your home computer or just how you are doing puzzles.

You can call us at 416-925-4687 and leave a message or book with your physiotherapist directly at their email below to set up an appt. Plus, here are the inevitable forms we all have to look at and acknowledge: Telehealth Procedures and Informed Consent

Maureen Dwight RPT




Taylor Sipos RPT




Tiffany Shi RPT




Who can we see?

We can see any of our existing client’s or new clients who may benefit from this service. If you are unsure whether this will work for you we can set up a 10 minute free session to show you how it can benefit you.

You must be located in Ontario at the time of the teleconference. If you have friends or family, outside of the Toronto area we can provide these services to them as well.

Need help with getting motivated to exercise?

Aniela Amio will be providing one-on-one Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness sessions. She can also continue with your Physiotherapy assistant exercises under the supervision of the designated physio.




JJohn Gray, Registered Kinesiologist RKin, MSc, CSCS Torontoohn Gray Reg. Kinesiologist will be providing one-on-one exercise sessions. He can also continue with your Physiotherapy Assistant exercises under the supervision of the designated physio.

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How remote therapy sessions work

It’s as easy as Facetime and Skype but more secure. We send you a unique link by email that brings you into a video conference. You can use your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Desktops can be used if you don’t need to move around during the appointment.

Your privacy is paramount

We have partnered with our Electronic Record Provider to make sure it’s compliant with privacy legislation (HIPIDA and PIPEDA).

Planning your session

Once you have set up a time, your therapist will send you the link. That’s all it takes other than a bit of pre-planning on your part to get the best visuals.

Here are some things to consider prior to the appointment

  • Can your therapist see the area that hurts? This may mean you need to wear clothing that can be adjusted to show us the area.
  • Can we see you move? Make sure your technology can move to show us different views. We may need to see a full-length view or you lying on the floor/bed to do your exercises.
  • How much privacy do you need? Do you want to send your housemates on an outdoor walk while this is in process or have a videographer handy to help you with the technology?
  • How much privacy will the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic provide? Our therapists will provide the sessions in a room separate from their colleagues.

Will your insurer cover this?

These sessions are noted as telehealth on your invoice and many of the insurers are committed to funding these sessions. 

Early insurance adopters:

Sunlife announced that they consider telehealth/virtual appointments the same as in office sessions

Telus Health is the portal for many insurers. They have confirmed that their insurance companies will pay for telehealth/virtual appointments, however it’s always good to check with your insurer directly.

How is this paid?

We will call you to get a credit card to bill your session and email the receipt to you so you can submit it to your insurer. We are currently exploring options for online payments.

If you have any questions please call us at 416 925 4687, email your physio directly at their address above or email and we will get back to you promptly!

Be Safe and Be Well