Functional Fascia Therapeutics (FFT)

In 1996 Zhonghua Fu, PhD, invented a technique which inserts needles under the skin into the fascia.  The technique is different than traditional acupuncture as the needles are inserted horizontally and more superficially.  Only one needle is inserted at a time and the therapist provides the treatment by gently moving (swaying) the needle. The technique is relatively pain free.

The technique is used to reduce tightness in the myofascial system.  Its effect can be an immediate increase in mobility.

The theory behind the response is that the collagen tissues are most abundant in the subcutaneous layer of the body.  As the technique targets this layer of tissue it stimulates more change in connective tissues.

At the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic we find that this technique is most effective when paired with soft tissue treatments that assist your full myofascial system to lengthen i.e. massage, soft tissue manipulation.  This technique, coupled with therapeutic exercises and posture change awareness creates a comprehensive catalyst for recovery from persistent musculoskeletal restriction.

Igal Untershats is trained in Functional Fascia Therapeutics. 

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