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Post-surgical spinal carePhysiotherapy has been shown to help reduce pain and improve your function after spinal surgery. We provide an individualized program of core exercise, general conditioning, posture correction, stretching and therapeutic modalities, once your initial healing is completed.

Who will benefit?

Our program is designed for anyone who is still experiencing back or leg pain after surgery. We have experience in neck, thoracic, lumbar and scoliosis surgeries. Contact us if you have had a spinal fusion, discotomy, decompression or kyphoplasty and are still experiencing symptoms or who would like guidance on safe and effective return to activity.

When should I start therapy?

Therapy can begin as soon as your surgeon indicates that you can return to full activity. We recommend most people wait a minimum of 6–12 weeks post-operatively to begin treatment if you have a fusion. Therapy can begin sooner after a decompression or discotomy providing your surgeon does not have any concerns with you starting a gentle and individualized exercise program.

Service provided by:

Maureen Dwight RPT, ( Bio ) Clinical Musculoskeletal Specialist, Advanced Practitioner ISAEC

Taylor Sipos, RPT (Bio)

Tiffany Shi, RPT (Bio)

Juliette Woodruff RMT (Bio)

Jenny Song RMT, Chiropractor (Bio)

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