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Our therapists are experienced in providing therapy to maximize your recovery after bone fractures and multiple trauma injuries. We are experienced with conservatively managed fractures (casts) and post-surgical therapy. Our therapists provide individualized programs of exercise and “hands-on” physiotherapy. Our approach is to find the best plan for you to regain joint flexibility, strength and function as quickly and safely as possible.

Who will benefit?

Anyone who has had a broken bone and continues to experience stiffness, weakness or reduced function. Treatment may begin as soon as your medical advisor endorses therapy. We are also experienced in restoring function and strength for older injuries which were not fully rehabilitated at the time.

Service provided by:”>Maureen Dwight, RPT (Bio)

Taylor Sipos, RPT (Bio)

Tiffany Shi, RPT (Bio)

Juliette Woodruff, RMT (Bio)

Jenny Song, DC, RMT (Bio)

John Gray, RKin (Bio)

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