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The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic is a recognized leader in providing on-site workplace services. We provide onsite assessments when requested by either the employer or the employee*. Assessments and recommendations for ergonomic improvements can be provided both for work or home.

Who will benefit?

Any employer who is looking to take a pro-active approach to preventing and managing injuries in the workplace.

Anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis and is having symptoms or looking to prevent symptoms by ensuring their computer set up is optimized.

Service provided by:

Tiffany Shi Reg. PT (Bio)

Dr. Jenny Song DC,RMT (Bio)

John Gray RKin. (Bio)

More information:

Workplace Therapeutic Services

To Book an Appointment:

416–925–4687 and ask to speak to Tiffany Shi to coordinate these services or email:

*Please check with your employer to determine if you require approval prior to arranging a work place assessment.