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Did you know that in winter weather some boots prevent you from injury much better than others?  Do you want to know about how your current boots rate? Would you want to make a better choice for your new winter boots? Then we have some exciting news that’s all about keeping you safe and sound. The University Health Network’s KITE Research Institute has launched “Rate My Treads”. It is a way to tell how slip-resistant your shoes are, so that you can keep yourself safe during the icy, slippery winter months!

What is “Rate My Treads”?

“Rate My Treads” is a ground-breaking testing program developed by the UHN’s KITE Research Institute. It is designed to test the slip resistance of all types of footwear and provide you with valuable insights into the safety of your shoes.  It checks how good your shoes are at not slipping and sliding, so you can reduce your risk of falling on slippery surfaces, like ice and snow.

Why is Slip Resistance Important?

Slip and fall accidents are among the leading causes of injuries, especially amongst older adults. The type of footwear we choose can have a big effect on our risk of slipping and falling and make it more likely that we will go out for walks when the weather changes. “Rate My Treads” tackles this problem by providing you with a simple and effective way to evaluate the slip resistance of your shoes.

How Does It Work?

“Rate My Treads” checks footwear on all kinds of different surfaces to simulate real-life conditions and gives each a rating for each test.  Typing in your details about your shoe or boot lets you see how well they rated, so you can make informed decisions about the safety of your chosen footwear or ones you are considering buying.

Check How Your Shoes Rate at ratemytreads.com

Discover how your shoes rate, and look up many other brands, for their slip resistance.  The website is user-friendly! Just input the brand and model of your shoes to receive an instant rating.  Time for an upgrade?  Check out the ratings of many other brands that you might be interested in.  Armed with this information, you can make proactive choices to reduce your risk of slips and falls.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

“Rate My Treads” also helps groups like workplaces and health professionals to advocate for safer footwear choices to prevent the risk of injuries from falls. By spreading awareness and encouraging others to participate, we can all help create safer environments for everyone.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe!

We invite you to join the movement towards safer footwear choices.  Visit www.ratemytreads.com now and see how your shoes stand up to the slip-resistance challenge.  Be sure to use the Share button below to send this article to Share it with your friends and family too so everyone can be shoe-safe!  Together, we can take strides towards a safer and more secure future.

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