Preventing Running injuries,  Repeat of this popular session –

Svetlana Marianer Registered Physiotherapist

Wednesday March 22, 2017 1-2pm

 This 40 minute workshop provided by Svetlana Marianer, Registered Physiotherapist will talk about common running errors, the reasons behind them and the best prevention to avoid injury. This seminar will look at the most popular running and will tackle them through the most recent evidence based literature.

 Svetlana Marianer, Registered Physiotherapist

Svetlana is a graduate from McGill University with a Bachelor’s in Rehabilitation Science and a Master’s in Physiotherapy in 2012.  She is particularly interested in orthopedic care, the prevention and treatment of sport injuries and the biomechanics of movement and all it encompasses. She is a Cross-Fit Athlete and a former ballet dancer.

Format:  Participant workshop/lecture

Maximum number: Limited to 15 participants