Personal Training

Our Registered Kinesiologists will work with you to develop a safe, fun and effective Personal Training program that you can be perform independently or under supervision. Whether it is to enhance your sports performance, whittle away those unwanted pounds or simply maintain a healthy body these individualized programs will help you meet your training goals.

Why work with our Registered Kinesiologists?

personal trainerPersonal Training at The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic goes beyond the expertise of most approaches. Although we recognize that some personal trainers are quite educated the consistency is variable as there are no restrictions on who can call themselves a trainer. We strive to provide you with an effective and comprehensive exercise experience by ensuring that these services are only provided by our highly qualified Registered Kinesiologists.

Recent changes to health legislation in Ontario have resulted in Kinesiology becoming a protected title. This ensures you are seeing a professional who is registered with the College of Kinesiologists. Our therapists have completed a recognized University level course in the science of human movement and its application to improve function, health and performance.

Our Approach

Our Registered Kinesiologists have post-graduate training and certifications in physical fitness which are the foundations for their scientifically based programs. Their training and interdisciplinary commitment helps them to limit inadvertent training side-effects by understanding age-appropriate and condition-appropriate exercise programs.

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