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In our March e-blast, we announced that we are changing clinic mangement software providers and moving to a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.  We will begin this change on April 8th and we will no longer have full access to the old software as of April 30th.

How this affects you

  1. Exercise software – your exercises will no longer be available through your client portal. However your exercise programs continue to remain available through the exercise software portal.  Here is the link to access them directly  Contact us if you have any problems or questions.
  2. Past invoices – as we announced earlier we will not have access to your financial data in a user-friendly format.  Although all data is still available and will be kept for the required 10-year+ period, it is in an Excel spreadsheet.  Should you need any invoices reprinted prior to April 28th this can still be done at no charge through your client portal or by contacting our front desk team at  After April 28 there may be a small fee for accessing data if you need it in a non-Excel format.
  3. Booking, cancelling and rescheduling appointments on-line.  Some of you will be aware of the ease of booking and making payments with our new software Jane.  Once we are set up all of our most frequently booked appointments will be available to book online.
  4. Paying online – All invoices will be available to be paid online.  Please note that when booking online appointments you will be required to secure the payment with a credit card. Credit card information is stored in a PCI[1]compliant manner however remember that you always have the option of paying with a terminal in the clinic or calling in your credit card information directly.
  5. Sharing a profile.  Often we work with client’s who require more information to be shared i.e. children or guardians.  The new software will allow this to happen automatically as you can link accounts to access invoices and appointments for your children and/or other members of your family.  This will allow easy access while respecting the requirements for privacy.

Next steps 

Updating information and getting started

  1. As part of the transfer process, in the next few weeks you will receive a welcome email to register in the new site.  This will assist us in ensuring that we have your most up-to-date contact information.
  2. If you want to get a sneak peek at what this will look like, here is an informative video that will walk you through the easy steps to booking appointments online:


Tutorial | How to Book an Appointment Online (For Patients)

If you haven’t done this by the time of your next appointment, please arrive 10-15 minutes early  to update your records in the system.

Please contact us  at if you have any questions, problems or suggestions once we get the new software up and running.  Although Jane is a remarkably intuitive software program, after 14 years with the other software we expect it to take us about a month to work out the bugs. Thank you, we appreciate your understanding as we move to an improved client experience.