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Emily Hisey-Bowden, Pilates and BoneFit Instructor

Emily Hisey-Bowden: Pilates, BoneFit Instructor, Physiotherapy Assistant

Free when you register for our Healthy Back Series  

We know that many of you are struggling to do your exercises right. We find that even when you are doing the right back exercises, if your back is not positioned in the correct directional preference, these exercises and postures will still cause pain.

That’s why as part of our Healthy Back Series we are offering our clients a 30 minute session on how to know if your are exercising in the right back posture.  Although we will be emphasizing neutral posture we will also be showing you some variations if you have a flexion and extension preference.

Posture and Starting Positions Technique Videos: Neutral Preference Low Back Pain

In addition to the class you will have access to the videotaped session as well as individual videos to help you understand and apply your back’s Neutral Preference posture.  They can be used as a stand alone to improve your posture and everyday movements or as an adjunct to make your exercises more effective.

Whether you choose to use our exercise video platform, join our live-classes or use other resources, these back postures are essential to helping you to get the most out of your exercise sessions!

How to get this class free

This class is available for $25.00 however if you register now for the Bundled program of our Healthy Back On-line Exercise Classes you will receive this class Free.

All registrants for John Gray’s Intermediate Strength Training Series beginning April 27, 2022 and Emily’s Safe Stretching for your back course on April 13 will get this class included in their registration.

Go to and select either John Gray’s or Emily Hisey Bowden’s bundled class to receive this introductory class, the on-line live classes and all of the video support materials as part of your package.

Not sure if you can make the class?

Don’t worry if you need to miss a class.  The class video will be uploaded within a few days of the live session.  Both the start position class and your weekly exercise classes will be there before your next class and you will have continued access for a minimum of 6 months after the final class.