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This post by the interior design and décor website Houzz is a great guide on how to make laundry day better.

Maureen Dwight

What I like about their recommendations is that they are spot on for the ergonomics as well as being relatively simple to execute.

If you want to start having less back pain on laundry day you don’t need to renovate to make many of these suggestions work. I recommend you start with these 3 changes that will make a big difference:

1. Elevate the height of your washer and dryer. This is great advice for the front loaders as they are lower than the top loaders. Although your stackable may be a front loader don’t elevate it without checking the height for the top machine as you don’t want to make it too high.

2. Use laundry baskets with wheels. This is a simple solution to reduce the need to carry and lift the laundry providing you don’t need to carry the basket up and down stairs.

3. Get a step stool. A stool not only helps you to reach the upper cupboards, it’s a real help to reduce back pain when you stand for longer periods. Whether you are ironing, folding the laundry or washing something by hand, putting your foot up on a stool will relieve a lot of low back tension. No stool? Opening the cupboard and putting a foot on the lowest shelf accomplishes the same thing.

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