Don’t underestimate the importance (and value!) of movement during the day to help control your waistline.

I read an article recently, entitled ‘Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ which appeared in the Nutrition Action Health Letter, April 2008 (Centre for Science in the Public Interest). It is an interview of Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist (Diabetes Specialist Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota), which highlights the fact that we sit too much meaning the food we eat is not ‘burned’ and therefore our waistlines get bigger. Being overweight is not good for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or our aching knees.

The main message from the interview is the need to take the opportunity to move around more in our daily lives by making a conscious effort to walk more, sit less and climb stairs or anything that involves physical activity. Dr. Levine practises what he preaches, apparently there are no chairs in his office but there is a treadmill which he uses while working. It’s the ‘notion of motion’ or increasing our physical activity which needs to be routinely incorporated into our daily lives if we want to control our waistlines and promote better health irrespective of whether we choose to go to the gym for a traditional workout.

— Gareth Sneath, Registered Physiotherapist, gsneath@orthophysio.com

Source: Centre for Science in the Public Interest
Nutrition Action Health Letter, April 2008
Diabetes Specialist Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota
Bonnie Liebman, Interviewer