Nice article in Metro (January 13 2015, Canadian Press) which highlights a couple of emerging trends in work outs. One is “H.I.I.T” which involves performing exercises for a shorter duration of time but higher intensity with short rests in between each exercise. It reminded me of circuit type training for rugby where each designated exercise would be performed for say 30 seconds or a minute, (ie push ups then squats then burpees etc) with a short rest between each  exercise. In this way you can target many different muscle groups in sequence in a short period of time. This sounds appealing to those for whom time is scarce or don’t wish to spend an hour plus working out. One of the fitness professionals interviewed in the article cautioned against doing H.I.I.T without adequate preparation and emphasized the value in consulting with a health care professional beforehand to ensure there were no contraindications to this type of activity. The second type of workout gaining in popularity is based on functional types of exercise whereby everyday activities such as squats, step ups, lifting and carrying are usued to strengthen and condition multiple muscle groups. This type of workout is invaluable for preparing the body for everyday activities and with Spring not too far away enabling us to be in shape for getting the garden ready in a few weeks.