For more than 30 years I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of clients and patients within the field of fitness and health. My holistic, spiritual approach to my practice has been a journey in helping people to achieve a healthy, empowered state of well being. It’s a path that I call Truthful Medicine and it begins with awareness and understanding of a simple yet important factor: intelligent biomechanics.  My understanding of the importance of this truth and respect for its nature has enabled me to create the Body Motion Functional System (BMFS) — a system of treatment that embodies wholeness.

Our body’s interconnectiveness

Everything in our body is interconnected as one functional unit. When we try to separate or fragment the body and its systems it causes imbalance, disease and incomplete healing.

Studying the works of Vladimir Janda, Jean-Pierre Barral, Alain Crobier, and Paul Chek has developed my understanding of how our physical bodies exist in a state of connectiveness and functionality. A brilliant blueprint that helps each person create beautiful patterned movements, explosive power output, incredible coordinated dance-like patterns, generated pumping mechanisms (to support circulatory, lymphatic, and neurological principles), and innate healing intelligence. This led me on the path to develop my approach to the body through the BMFS.

Intelligent biomechanics and hands-on healing

Human beings are meant to be in motion. This simple fact is crucial to our health on so many levels. As a biomechanical healing system, the BMFS is about respecting this law of motion and the basic rule that everything in the body, internally and externally, is connected.

BMFS is a hands-on approach that involves removing muscular imbalances, revitalizing the fascial system (a network of connective tissue that encapsulates everything in the body from muscles to bones to organs to nerves and more), breaking up scar tissues, and improving body motion through intelligent exercise creation.

The assessment process

I start the process with static posture analysis of each patient. A person’s physical stance will indicate potential muscular imbalances and resulting biomechanical stress. For example, carrying your head forward, slouching your shoulders, rounding your upper back, collapsed knees, and flat feet will definitely lead to potential chronic health challenges. I’ve seen numerous cases of chronic headaches, upper back and lower back pain, arthritic hip and knee problems, dental and jaw stress, poor digestive functionality, and low energy state related to poor posture.

A good analogy is that of an automobile. If your car has one flat tire, or the wheel alignment is tilting towards one side, the vehicle will endure unhealthy stress until part of the system breaks down. (Ironically, people seem to care about such materialistic items more so than their own physical bodies.)

Following posture analysis, I conduct specific orthopedic assessments and closely observe range of motion to gain a better understanding of how certain joints perform. I value such hands-on investigation as kinesthetic information-gathering is a beautiful journey.

Also, healthcare questionnaires and history-taking further clarify what is needed to help each patient regain intelligent and healthy body mechanics. Once all the information has been accumulated and a diagnosis is presented, we mutually agree on a treatment plan.

How it works

BMFS is empowering body work that involves hands-on treatment from the practitioner. It includes moving the patient’s limbs through a specific range of motion, applying a gentle horizontal tissue glide with the fingers, breaking up unhealthy scar tissue, reenergizing the fascial system, stimulating the lymphatic drainage systems, influencing neural pathways, and readjusting the biorhythm of certain visceral organs.

Shifting to a healthier state of being

During this process you may experience a variety of sensitive changes in short duration that include body stiffness, soreness, tiredness, and mild detoxification. Such changes indicate a shift into a healthier state and are supported with information to promote greater growth for healing. Many of my patients are able to move through these potential shifts with courage and appreciation when they consider the mantra, “Short-duration changes for long-term gains.”

The practitioner also helps the patient understand what they need to do to regain intelligent body movement. Through physical exercise assessments, we determine what muscles need to be strengthened and which ones will benefit from smart stretches.

One principle that needs to be recognized and addressed is the importance of healthy abdominal core functionality. In my experience, most unhealthy biomechanics start from this pivotal point in our bodies. The transverse abdominis muscle, for example, is crucial in supporting the body’s biomechanics. This girdle-like muscle influences how your vertebral column holds itself and affects how we breathe, walk, carry our head, and how the digestive system works.

We must be aware of the body’s interconnectiveness, but also that its brilliant design comes with potential health challenges. Such awareness may allow us to prevent these challenges from manifesting as disease.

Contact me for more information

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