Is Your Smart Phone Hazardous to Your Health?

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Our digital technology helps us to get things done and to stay in touch however it also takes a toll on our physical health.

Maureen Dwight

Repetitive strain injury, tendinitis, neck and back pain are all caused by poor ergonomic habits and improper use of these devices.

In this article recently published in Investment Executive, Maureen Dwight provides information on identifying problems and how to manage injuries before they become serious.

The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic is committed to improving your physical health.  Our therapists can help you to recognize the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome and other strains and sprains caused by technology.  We provide advice on ergonomic set-ups and will go onsite to your office to help you to optimize your set-up.

Tips for staying healthy in the workplace

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Contact us to set-up an appointment if you require treatment, diagnosis or ergonomic advice at 416-925-4687 or  If you are an employer requiring ergonomic onsite assessments or an education session for your employees please contact Maureen Dwight at:

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