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The therapists at the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic (OTC) are always looking to improve how you can achieve your goals.

The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic

Recently we have been working in partnership with our exercise software provider to improve your experience.  They are piloting an exercise tracker and we are on-board to try this upgrade with our clients.

What does this mean to you and your recovery?  View the video here.

How often are you doing your exercises?

You can now record your consistency in your exercise tracker.  The tracker allows you to mark off each exercise on a calendar.  This can help you to stay motivated as well as showing your therapist your consistency to your program.

How long does it take to do your exercises?

You can now time your sessions. The program has a built-in timer.  Just click on the stopwatch feature and it will time how long your program takes.

Get interrupted in mid-program?  No problem! Hit the pause button and then resume when you are back on track.

Why do we care how long it takes to do your exercises?

We know that as you improve the exercises are completed more quickly.  This can be a good measure of progress.

We also don’t want you to spend too long on your program.  Our goal is to provide an efficient and effective program.  This data  assists in creating a good dialogue on what is enough and what is too much in your recovery program.

Pain tracking

There is an option to record your pain during each exercise.  This helps us to know if an exercise appears to be irritating and to see if it is getting better or worse over time.  Remember that we don’t like pain increases to last more than a short duration (under 30 minutes) and that it should not be substantial increase i.e. more than 2 points from your baseline pain.

Ready to participate?

Next time you are in the clinic ask your therapist to show you how to use tracker function.  There are some features that are customizable.  For example if pain is a concern this feature needs to be enabled by your therapist for each exercise that you want to track.

If you are managing well and want to update your exercises or just learn to use the tracker – book into our see our kinesiologist John Gray.  If you need modifications in your exercises to manage your injury or pain then book into to see your physiotherapist and he/she can show you the tracker as part of your appointment.  Call us at 416-925-4687 or email to book an appointment.

Remember this is a pilot so there may be a few glitches.  Let us know what you encounter and we will feed it back to the software company for improvements.

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