New video series on how to do almost anything without getting hurt

Many of us are doing activities that we haven’t done since last spring – or even for years.  COVID lockdown means we are cleaning our houses, out of necessity or just from boredom.  We are getting ready for spring gardening, suddenly we are cooking more, or have decided to finally tackle those DIY projects.

To help you stay healthy, our team has put together a series of Video’s.  They show you the best way to do many activities without getting hurt. Learn how to vacuum, rake, get off the floor, cook, etc., all without hurting your back or neck.

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Getting Up off the Floor

Yes people often hurt their back when getting off the floor.  John Gray, Reg. Kinesiologist, shows you the right way to get off the floor if you have a back problem.



How to find Garden Tools  that won’t hurt your back

In garden season having the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job down quickly and without pain.  Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you the ergonomics of how to choose garden tools that get the job done.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Weed pullers






How to do your Gardening without getting hurt!






How not to get neck spasms in the kitchen

Simple tasks like sorting blueberries, de-seeding a pomegranate or cutting onions can cause neck pain.  Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you the tips and tricks for saving your neck in the kitchen.



Doing the Stairs – Climb stairs without hurting your back

Looking to add stairs to your fitness routine.  Be careful if you haven’t done a lot of these in a very long time.  Maureen Dwight, Reg. Physiotherapist, will show you how to activate the right muscles to reduce knee, hip and knee pain.


How to Shovel snow

types of snow shovels

We hope that it’s awhile before we have to think about shovelling snow again.  In this video you can learn how to shovel snow and avoid low back pain.  It’s great for gardening season as well.  All the same principles apply, but it’s a lot warmer.



Avoiding Turkey-back

Read how to put that roast, turkey, chicken or big pot of stew in and out of the oven without hurting your back.




Coming Soon!

  • Rake your leaves (Spring will be here soon enough!)
  • Sweep your deck or sidewalk
  • How to lift with your legs and not your back

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