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The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic

The OTC team has recently developed the Healthy Back Program, an online self-directed exercise program aimed to help those with acute or long-standing lower back pain to exercise in a safe and effective manner.

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a focus group to help us ensure the functionality and effectiveness of the Healthy Back Program.

What do you get?
You will receive access to the following resources for a 6-month period:

1. Weekly exercise classes – these sessions are 20 to 30 minutes in length and are progressive in nature, building on the initial foundation and developing strength as the weeks go on.
2. Technique videos – these videos will arrive a few days before the new class. There is a video of the best technique for each exercise in the class. This will help you to be able to do the faster pace of the 30-minute session with confidence that you are doing it right.
3. Troubleshooting videos – You will have access to a library of resource videos that go more in-depth on problem solving. They provide guidance on how to modify the exercise if you feel pain or if you are unsure if you are accessing the right muscle.
4. Directional preference videos – You will receive our videos on how to position your back for the common postures used in exercises and in everyday life. These videos are oriented around the 3 common directional preference postures of flexion, extension and neutral. If you are unsure which is right for you there is a self-test you can take or your treating therapist can help you to select the correct group. This group of videos is free of charge for a limited time for all of the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic clients.
5. A 1-year discount for full participants – anyone who completes the first 3 months of survey’s will receive a discount code for 20% off for another year of membership.

What is expected?
1. Provide feedback You will be expected to provide feedback on the program. This will consist of survey’s sent out to help us to improve our registration process, our self-assessment tools and the ease of use of our on-line program. The survey’s will be sent out weekly and we ask that they are completed within 2 weeks of receipt.
2. Opt out You can opt out at any time. If the surveys are not completed within a 4-week period we will presume that you have opted out.

To be part of the focus group and help in our launch of the Healthy Back Program please email the clinic at or call (416) 925-4687. (Limited to 20 participants)

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