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I’m an avid gardener. With extensive gardens at my cottage, having the right tools for the job is how I can manage all my gardening without back pain.

Maureen Dwight
Stand-Up Clippers can reduce strain on back

Stand-Up Clippers can reduce strain on back

Recently I received a new pair of stand-up clippers as a present. These are the ones that have two long handles with a blade at the bottom. They allow you to stand upright as you do your clipping. I was totally impressed by how much these new models help speed up the job and reduce back strain during spring garden clean-up.

What to look for in your garden clippers

My video shows the clippers and how to use them but in case you’re like me, and prefer to read, here’s the key points.

  • Ensure the clippers are sharp. Nothing is worse than dull gardening tools.
  • Check the height. You want to be able to use these when standing fully upright. This will limit the fatigue in your back from bending forward.
  • Check the closure mechanism. My previous set of clippers did not stop until the two arm pieces touched. Many a sore hand was caught in between the two handles.
  • I like this model because the angle of the blade is changeable. Before the spring shoots came up I could use it at a right angle to cut the winter foliage off right at ground level. Now I can angle it downward to have more control when I’m snipping the old from the new.
  • Finally take a page from Tom Sawyer. If you have the coolest tools, everyone wants to use them. What’s better than two people doing the clipping, or you having a Pina Colada while your partner explores which angles work best for each job?

Have you sustained an injury while gardening? It’s not uncommon! Give us a call 416-925-4687 or email  to book an appointment.  We can help fix the issue and teach you how to prevent future injuries!

Next quest- Wheelbarrow shopping

My next quest is to find the perfect wheelbarrow.  We just sold our heavy, awkward, contractor wheelbarrow.  Although I appreciate wrestling with it was strengthening my oblique ab’s, I can’t wait for something that actually functions without falling over.  The new 4 wheel ones look interesting but don’t seem to be catching on.  I will update you on the outcome once I am through my ergonomic testing.

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