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Our New Fitness Accelerator program helps you Get back to Fitness and Spring into Spring in record time! .

John Gray
Our new Fitness Accelerator program, designed specifically for you. Get back to fitness and other springtime activities in record time!
Failed New Year’s resolution? Maybe you’re worried about getting reinjured by resuming exercise. This program will help you reach your goals safely and quickly.

The Fitness Accelerator program is 4 one-hour appointments over a 4 to 8 week period, totally based on your schedule. First we objectively identify your problem areas, set goals and timelines, and then put you on a fast track to build momentum and regain the confidence and activity levels you want to achieve this Spring and Summer.

The benefits of the Fitness Accelerator program include:

  • A comprehensive movement and fitness assessment that will quantify what is holding you back and identify the most important areas that you need to improve.
  • A progressive exercise and management program that changes each session based on your improvements and goals, and
  • A final report identifying your key improvement measures as well as progress achieved, with final recommendations to continue improving after completion of the program.

At $499+HST the Fitness Accelerator Program will save you almost $50 over our standard Kinesiology rate, which offers even more value!

For more information on the Fitness Accelerator program, please reach out with any questions to John Gray, Registered Kinesiologist at or 416–925–4687.

Hoping to finally get back onto the golf course after an injury, resume gardening, or set a personal record in a marathon? Our Fitness Accelerator Program can help you reach your goals! Contact us now to reserve your place.

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