Fahmida Bhabha is a Health & Wellness Coach guiding people to take control of their health & wellness through movement.

Fahmida is a certified Pilates teacher, teacher trainer, personal trainer and holds certifications in 3 fascial modalities, the MELT Method, Roll Model Massage Therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy.  Her goal for her clients is to have a better understanding of their bodies through movement to help create a better quality of life, whether that involves improved performance in a sport or being able to handle every day activities like gardening or getting something from that top shelf in the garage.

Before finding Pilates, Fahmida was a professional photographer for 15 years. Looking for ways to strengthen her body to deal with the toll of carrying photographic equipment for long periods of time she discovered Pilates. Starting with a group mat class and then group equipment classes she fell in love with the method. She got her certification in 2005 at the age of 40 and has never looked back. She strives to continually discover more about the body and how it functions in order to help herself and her clients.  Most recently, Fahmida is training in finding new strategies to control movement by challenging your balance and stability.

When not teaching & coaching you can find Fahmida spending time  enjoying walking, hiking and biking.


To register for the classes please call 416–925–4687