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Good news for Desjardins Insurance holders. The company recently announced Extended Health Benefits insurance coverage for Kinesiology services.

John Gray

We are really excited about this change because Kinesiology has been a fully regulated health profession since 2013 and we know what a difference exercising the right way can make to your health and recovery from injury.  We congratulate Desjardins in leading the change in recognizing this profession’s contribution to your overall health.

What do our Kinesiologists do?

Did you know that the latest fitness trend is 40- and 50-year old’s taking up new activities? This group is one of the fastest growing segments entering triathlons and getting back into tennis. We can help you meet all your fitness performance goals while working with you to reduce your risk of injury.

At The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic our Kinesiology services include targeted exercise programs which address recovery from injury.  Our Kinesiology services are designed to assist you in regaining strength and abilities after an injury, or to help manage or recover from illness and get you back on track with a safe and effective exercise program.

Desjardins healthy weight program

Desjardins also has a “healthy weight” program that lets you use Kinesiology to help you achieve weight loss goals.

For more information on Kinesiology service contact John Gray at jgray@orthophysio.com or call us to make an appointment 416-925-4687.

Desjardins recommends that you contact them before receiving services to make sure of your coverage.

Check with your insurer as other insurers may cover specifically kinesiology or include it as part of wellness packages.

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