Coronavirus  Staff Procedures

  1. Staff traveling outside of Canada – please consider whether you should travel at this time. We may need to consider a 14 day quarantine after you come back.
  2. Everyone other than the RMT’s should get Zoom setup on all your computers. We will be offering remote advice and exercise sessions through the Canadian server Zoom.
  3. Be prepared for home visits. We will be offering the option of home visits to clients who cancel. Initially there will be at an additional charge to offset travel time. Each one of you will be consulted about how to fit this into your day. If too many clients cancel due to fear of the virus we may have to waive the travel charge.
  4. Cancellation charges. We will waive all cancellation charges for illness however we will ask people to give us 24 hours notice. We do not want to encourage people to come in if they are feeling unwell.
  5. Screening – The front desk will screen when they book a client. Remind them to not come in if they have a fever, cough or feel ill. Ask them if they have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. If they answer yes book them to come in no sooner than 14 days. Please post sign regarding screening as noted in the attachment for Independent health facilities.
  6. Staff illness. You should not come in if you have a fever, cough or feel ill. Front desk will call the other staff to arrange coverage. IF you are ill your clients will be offered another therapist to provide their treatment.
  7. In addition to what we do on a standard basis:
    1. Clients will not be left in the waiting room if a treatment room is open
    2. Paper should be draped on the tratment table vertically and horizontally over the pillow to increase coverage.
    3. In addition to the building cleaning door knobs our front desk should clean these after each visit
    4. Wipe down any surfaces you use in the gym i.e. mats, exercise equipment and weights.
    5. Ask clients to hang up coats and purses in the gym or place on the floor. There are hooks on the shelf on the east wall.
    6. Any equipment that is used in the treatment rooms should be wiped. Electrotherapy equipment should be wiped by the therapist with alcohol wipes. Weights should be wiped as they are returned to the gym. Please limit the use of common theraband. If you are planning to sell theraband to your client get their approval and teach the exercise with a fresh piece that they purchase for themselves.
    7. Recommend clients use email receipts and exercise programs to limit touching paper.
  8. Prepare for remote sessions
    1. Download Zoom Canada on your computer
    2. Prepare to coordinate home visit times with the front desk.
  9. Please familiarize yourself with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for Independent Health Facilities.