Announcing our new Administrative staff – Merlin Philip

Please join us in welcoming Merlin Philip to the administrative team at the Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic.  Merlin is an experienced administrator with a master’s degree in Health Administration, a background in project management and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  She recently moved to Canada from India.  She enjoys painting and reading.  We are looking forward to working with her and the expertise she brings to the field of administrative health care. 

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Svetlana Marianer Registered Physiotherapist is continuing her advanced training in pelvic floor rehabilitation. She has recently worked with an advanced practitioner in a clinic setting to apply her skills and has completed the second section of a three part course.  Pelvic floor therapy is emerging as one of the strongest, evidence based areas of physiotherapy.  If you would like to know about what it can do for you, you can read about it in her article or contact her directly at

Scoliosis Presentation

Maureen Dwight presented a paper on scoliosis at the National Orthopaedic Division Conference held on October 20th, in London Ontario.  This will represent her third presentation to treatment professionals on managing and treating scoliosis.  These engagements have been based on the pater she  co-authored last year on scoliosis treatment.  Although primarily written for treating professions, it is available on our website at These efforts are helping to raise the awareness of treatment professionals on evidence-based treatments for scoliosis.  This year she will be attending the International scoliosis conference (SOSORT ) in Dubrovnik Croatia.