Taylor completed his Master of Physical Therapy degree from Western University after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University. Taylor’s passion for physical therapy developed as he grew up participating in competitive sports. Watch Taylor’s video here.

Since graduation, Taylor has taken continuing education courses to enhance his skills and advance his professional development. These courses include:

  • Mulligan Concept Lower Quadrant course
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Level I Acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada
  • Temoporomandibular Management: Modern Manual Therapy
  • Temporomandibular Management: Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI)
  • The Hip Complex: Breaking down barriers to better outcomes

In addition, Taylor currently has his Level I certification within the Orthopaedic division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s manual therapy levels and intends to complete all 5 levels to become a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (CAMPT). Furthermore, he has received training in concussion and vestibular rehab. Taylor is also interested in pursuing courses in dry needling, McKenzie low back management and treatment for running injuries.

Taylor’s treatment strategy always revolves around the functional goals of his patients. One of the first questions he asks upon working with a new client, is “What would you like to get back to doing?”. Once a goal has been established, Taylor works in collaboration with his clients to achieve these goals. Taylor delivers treatment with a great deal of empathy and compassion for his clients. He strives to provide evidence-based therapy with a strong focus on exercise and education. He believes in motivating his clients in taking an active approach in their rehabilitation to meet their individual goals. In addition to his emphasis on self-management, Taylor utilizes his skills in manual therapy and acupuncture as an adjunct therapy to help his patients return to what they love participating in.

Taylor has always been passionate about sport and in his youth he competed in hockey, lacrosse and cross country running. Now in his spare time, Taylor participates in mid and long-distance running and as such, he has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of running-related injuries. In addition to running, he also enjoys weight lifting, playing hockey and cycling.